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Welcome to our hub for property related articles and information from our Chartered Surveyors, Estate Agents and Architectural Technicians.

Welcome to our hub for property related articles and information from our Chartered Surveyors, Estate Agents and Architectural Technicians.

Drone Photography Videos and Photogrammetry

With CAA Permission for Commercial Operations our trained operatives at David Cosby Chartered Surveyors are able to undertake aerial mapping, surveying and image capture to a high degree of accuracy and resolution. Hard to access data can now be obtained quickly, safely and cost-effectively.  We are able to assist with monitoring the progress of large scale construction projects, marketing both development sites and smaller individual properties, or analysing volumes for stockpiled materials such as gravel and soil. One of our more recent projects required the deployment of a drone to circumnavigate extensive vegetation and capture the...

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One of my first tasks when training to become a Land Surveyor was to identify and annotate the names of individual tree species.  This was not the most rewarding of assignments and I would have much preferred getting to grips with the latest theodolite in the office. It was late springtime; the trees were in full foliage and I was even provided with a 'Collins Tree Guide'.  Nevertheless, every leaf, bark, bud and blossom looked exactly the same to me.  How anyone could differentiate between Beech and Birch during the stark, leafless winter months was beyond me. With the promise of a turn on the theodolite spurring me on I persevered. ...

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Rain to Drain – Problems with Gutters and Downpipes

With the exception of ‘subsidence’, the term ‘rising damp’ in a survey report is one of the main triggers likely to set alarm bells ringing with potential purchasers and mortgage lenders. However, a case of true rising dampness is a relatively uncommon issue. It is caused by the upward passage of moisture through the wall by capillary action and is dependent on type of masonry, the ability of the wall to ‘breathe’ and the height of the water table. When conducting an inspection, Chartered Surveyors have a duty to ‘follow the trail’ in order to establish the likely cause of any damp that is found within a property. With pressures by...

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Cracks in Buildings

Interpreting whether a crack is of structural significance is usually seen as one of the more challenging aspects of a Surveyor’s role when establishing the condition of a building. There can be a tendency to err on the side caution and conclude that cracks which have appeared in a wall are naturally symptomatic of ground subsidence. Subsidence is, however, comparatively rare and the number of cases where further action is required is minimal. The Surveyor should therefore first try discount less serious causes. To do this requires only a relatively basic understanding of the principles of physics and building construction. Bricks and...

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