Drone Photography Videos and Photogrammetry

With CAA Permission for Commercial Operations our trained operatives at David Cosby Chartered Surveyors are able to undertake aerial mapping, surveying and image capture to a high degree of accuracy and resolution.

Hard to access data can now be obtained quickly, safely and cost-effectively.  We are able to assist with monitoring the progress of large scale construction projects, marketing both development sites and smaller individual properties, or analysing volumes for stockpiled materials such as gravel and soil.

One of our more recent projects required the deployment of a drone to circumnavigate extensive vegetation and capture the structural elements of partially concealed Listed property in Lincolnshire.  The drone helped us to capture the required data to enable us to draw up detailed plans and elevations for use in the proposed renovation.

Drone Photography Videos and Photogrammetry  A particularly difficult site surveyed from the air


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