When it comes to preparing a good set of property particulars for your house sale it is helpful to include the date, or era, of when the property was built, and to concisely, but accurately, describe the architectural style and method of construction.

An easy ‘get out of jail free’ card that many estate agents adopt when dating older buildings is to use the phrase ‘a period property’. This, however, begs the question “which period?” There are, of course, many to choose from.  In terms of describing the architectural features of a property, you might find something along the lines of ‘a brick under tile house’ – not the most inspiring of prose.

At David Cosby, our surveying experience really gives us the edge when it comes to dating properties and providing interesting architectural vocabulary in our sales particulars.

Dating Properties:

Dating a property accurately can be difficult, particularly when builders have ‘borrowed’ styles from earlier periods. The Victorians, for instance, were heavily influenced by architecture from the Mediaeval period which led to a revival of Gothic inspired architecture. Prior to this, the Georgians were prone to adding new façades to older buildings to make them appear fashionable. A degree of knowledge and detective work is therefore necessary to place a building within its correct historical context.

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Architectural Terminology:

Understanding construction methods and architectural terminology can make a world of difference between an impressively worded set of particulars or a mundane generic description. Our surveying knowledge helps us to differentiate between cupolas and cornicing, or pediments and pilasters, and enables us to portray your property in its best possible light.

Greek Order of Architecture - A sketch showing the volutes on top of three columns giving the distinct orders of Ancient Greek Architecture - Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian.

David Cosby Estate Agents have the benefit of a combined 40 years Surveying and Legal expertise.  We believe that it is our knowledge and professionalism that helps to sell homes.  As one of our clients articulately put it “No gimmicks, no annoying sales people – just professionals who make it look easy!”

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